The Gentle Power of Terracotta

Tuscan Terracotta

Amphorae Wine Fermenters


Ancient civilizations used clay for preserving wine. Now you can re-discover Terracotta in its modern adaptation. This is the Amphora of 21st Century.

We designed and import Italian made Terracotta Amphorae for wine or beer fermentation and aging in sizes:
80 gallon, 132 gallon and 210 gallon capacity.

The modern day Amphora for winemaking is made by passionate hands using traditional techniques in Impruneta, Tuscany. We have modernized the classic design with the addition of a stainless steel top door with tri-clover fitting.

Please contact us to if you have any questions. We already delivered many amphorae for the 2017 harvest and currently have a small stock available.

"How long have we imported Amphorae for?"
IPak Wine started distribution in North America in 2013 of hand crafted Terracotta Amphorae made in Impruneta-Tuscany. Our clients from California-Oregon-Washington and British Columbia have been making exquisit white and red wines in them. Please ask us for references. There are over 20 varietals being fermented or aged in our vessels so ask us for references.

"What is so special about this Terracotta?"
The centuries-old world renowned Impruneta clay has a unique blend of natural ingredients found exclusively in this region of Italy. It has a long history of use in the preservation of wine since the Etruscan civilization around 7th century BC. Later on, the Romans abundantly used amphorae for the fermentation and preservation of wine, as can be seen today in the remains of Pompei.

The Terracotta is a neutral vessel with similar characteristics of concrete tanks because it allows macro-oxygenation, but it goes further as its much more natural and allows the fruit to express its full potential better than any other material for the following reasons:
1- It's primarely made of minerals similar to those in a vineyard soil so the grapevine roots have been feeding on those elements their whole life. Now the grapes feel just like at home during fermentation and aging. The Amphora will exalt your wine's mineral and earthy tones.
2 - It allows for natural micro-oxygenation due to the porosity of the walls.
3- It has an extraordinary thermal insulation capacity that will keep cool whats in it by evaporating excess heat. The fermentation will be slightly slower than you may be used to in other materials, steady and without heat spikes.

"Grapes are born from the earth, then ferment and age in it again and the loop is closed." Josko Gravner

Each Amphora is a unique piece of Italian Art.
Have you thought that being a winemaker could also mean being an art collector?

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