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IPAK WINE provides Mobile Wine Filtration Service for Paso Robles, Templeton, San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria and Santa Ynez areas.

After several years working with Della Toffola Crossflow filters It seemed natural in 2013 to buy my own filter and begin offering mobile wine filtration in Paso Robles. IPakWine now owns two ceramic crossflows, a Reverse Osmosis filter with VA removal columns, and a machine to adjust pH all made by Della Toffola.

Our filtration services also include:
-Crossflow Filtration
-Reduction of Volatile Acidity
-Reduction of pH in juice and wine
-Tartaric Stabilization

crossflow-ipak   crossflow-ipak


These machines feature 0.2 nominal micron Ceramic membranes. Its a proven technology that Della Toffola has adopted for 25 years.

What makes our machine better than the competition? Here are many reasons to choose IPAK for all your filtrations needs:

1-The Della Toffola crossflow can filter your wine in ONE pass, with any NTU. Normal crossflows can't process more than 300 NTU. That would normally require you to pre-filter.

2-Low pressure filtration, under Nitrogen blanketing. This means a gentler push of your wine through the filter membranes, thanks to the completely automated program. We are in no hurry, so lets filter your wine the best way possible. We can set the machine to filter with less than one bar of transmembrane pressure. The machine is constantly keeping the wine under Nitrogen to avoid oxidation.

3-No Wine Color Retention and NO Alcohol loss. This is especially important when filtering white wines and small lots. The Ceramic is inorganic and doesn't absorb any color molecules. It doesn't absorb water either, thus after a wash cycle the machine is ready for the next filtration and there will not be alcohol dilution.

4-A completely automated Filtration Cycle and Wash Cycle. Our crossflow is safe and automatically filters your wine the best way possible, even overnight. If there are any faults recognized by the filter program, all the valves will shut down and the filter stops, awaiting an operator input. The machine launches a wash cycle at the end of the filtration and can also be completely controlled remotely. You can go to sleep, we are still working for you.

5-Extremely low wine loss. We have been able on a regular basis to filter over 10,000gallons of wine and have only 17 gallons of concentrate loss (wine with all the bacteria removed from the rest of the tank). That is an impressive result of less than 0.2% loss!!!

6-Its a Very compact and portable Filter. Its just the foot print of a pallet, on wheels, so we position it in front of your tank. No big trailers taking up space in your winery!

7-We are locals to the Central Coast Wine Industry since 2010 and have built a strong reputation because we don't let any client down. After all, word of mouth is still the best advertisement there is. We know these filters really well, we sell them and service them. If there ever was a mechanical or software issue we can get support instantly with the manufacturer. We don't just kid around.

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crossflow-ipak   crossflow-ipak


Since 2015 we have successfully helped even the most knowledgeable and talented winemakers to adjust Volatile Acidity for that troublesome wine you wish to never have to deal with. Our enclosed and discreet trailer has a Della Toffola Reverse Osmosis Filter with 8 RO membranes capable of an output of 100 to 180 gallons an hour of permeate. We then treat the permeate with three Della Toffola Resin Columns. The resin traps Acetic Acid and the treated permeate is mixed back with the original wine.



First introduced by Della Toffola in Milan in 2015, we imported in 2016 the first continuous pH reduction and Tartaric stabilization machine in North America and hope to see more wineries discover its benefits.
The machine can process juice or wine straight from the tank with very low pressure at a speed of 500gallons per hour. The liquid gets in contact with special resin that will trap Potassium and in smaller proportions also Calcium and Magnesium. The resulting liquid has a significant reduction in pH on average as low as 2.2pH. You can then blend back a small amount of the treated liquid in the right proportion with the original juice or wine and lower the overall pH while the Total Acidity change is negligible.
The same technology applies toward a fast and cost effective Tartaric Stabilization for white wines.


Manu is the sales agent for The Della Toffola Group's modern technological solutions in the California Central and South Coasts and in Washington State. Let us be of great help in achieving your winemaking goals.

The Della Toffola Group includes manufacture of all machines for wine productions such as:
-Grape Receiving/Sorting, Destemmers and Pumps
-Flotators for juice clarification
-BioThermo (ThermoFlash)
-Pneumatic Presses with central bladder
-Wine Tanks
-Ceramic Crossflow and other Filters
-Bottling lines up to 50,000 bph.
-and pretty much anything else you can think of

We offer consultation to integrate their machines to your existing winery set up or to design new projects.
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